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Named after the wild horses that once roamed the nearby marshes, the original building was located in West Street in the first half of the 19th century. It was relocated further up the high street towards the town centre in the latter half of the century and rebuilt in its current form in 1938.

The Runners was severely damaged in World War II when a German bomb struck the nearby site of the Cannon and Gaze flour mill; the mill had previously been demolished, though its concrete hardstand caused the blast of the bomb to radiate horizontally, destroying the adjacent Crown Public House and the south-eastern corner of the Running Horses PH, killing several people and injuring about twenty.

In the years since the war, Erith has changed from an industrial town in Kent to a (largely) commuter suburb of London. It has survived the closure of the Vickers works, the re-alignment of the streetscape and the dormification of its surrounds and stands as the largest - and best - pub in the Erith town centre.

Phil and Lorraine took over the Runners in 2006 with a view to making it the best country pub in the city, with carvery service every weekend, pub grill every day of the week and daily events and activities to suit every taste.

The Running Horses Pub and Carvery
23 High Street
London DA8 1QY
Phone: 01322 348097
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